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Noc Muzeów w Warszawie - Long Night of Museums in Warsaw

This is my first attempt to join this event after a complete failure last year (taunya setelah selesai).

So this annual event is inspired by the same event called Lange Nacht der Museen which took place for the first time at 1997 in Berlin.

Some museums in Warsaw have free admission in a particular day in a week (with some terms e.g in a specific hours on that day, on specific part of the museum, no guide tours, or with limited passess) like:
Just wonder why the Centrum Nauiki Kopernik have no free admission day. But maybe because it looks like it's the coolest museum in here (If you've seen the Fryderyk Chopin Museum and you said is cool, than you'll be curious how the Kopernik would look like) .
Those are just a few percents of the total museum in Warsaw, there are others that I can't mention (or even don't know if such a museum exist, it's too many).

So what makes this event attracts a lot of people every year?
Well, here's a hint:
in this event, it's not just the museum that open free for public until 1 or 2 am in the next day, but also certain places that aren't open for public in any other day.
So this is event probably is the only chance to get in those places.
This year there are (according to the guidebook).
Some start open at 6PM or 7PM until midnight or until 1AM or 2 AM in the next day.

You think you can visit as many of them as possible?

So, again, a reminder, this event atrracts so many people, even for Polish. So you'll get stuck in a long queues in almost every place. You may even end up queueing for about 2-3 hours or more at favourite places (I even heard there are some spending 5 hours!). So, advices: choose 2 or 3 places that you really want to visit and the most important thing is GET THE GUIDEBOOK (hardcopy or softcopy since they're provided the download-able version) ASAP!!!
And don't mind to buy the all-day ticket for transport (I use mine just once -_-!), the city provide exra buses with extra routes for, wait for it,
freeeeeee... (this year they have 9 additional routes, running from 6.30pm to 2am)

My mistake this year that I've planned to get the guidebook at the D-Day, since I already know where to go.
But I end up felt sorry for myself after queued for almost 3 hours.
So this year I've planned to visit the Wedel Chocolate Factory (see this kinda factory only open for public 3 times in a year, or that is the info that I get, all I know it's definitely open at this event).
The factory apparently gave free tickets via their Facebook page and their website. If I have the ticket, I'd only need less than 30 minutes before got in the factory.
And.... the factory was already open at 12 noon.... and I got there almost 5 in the afternoon. What is more devastating than knowing that.

So after long waiting, I can eat chocolate as much as I want... but I didn't... I have to remind myself as an adult to not compete strongly with other children when the factory allowed us to take chocolate as many as we can. So 2 bars of Pawełek and few of filled milk chocolate got into my pocket and I think I managed to eat few pieces of their filled chocolate bars before we were heading to the factory.


Wedel is the oldesst chocolate brand in Polish, started in 1851 by Karol Ernest Wedel, a Germany. The icon of the chocalte itself is actually Emil Wedel's signature,the son. This building is the second factory that the Wedel built in Warsaw. In WWII the factory only produced chocolate for Germany. Long short story, Cadburry owned the chocolate until 2010, it goes to LOTTE.

The famous product of Wedel (their flagship product that has been awarded many times for its taste) since 1936 even until now is Ptasie Mleczko, a Wedel chocolate that covers marshmallows. Up till now there are 8 varians and an addition 2 varians of Delcino only for this product.

Basically we didn't see the whole process because (IMO) each groups only have abput 30 minutes inside. But they do have (looks-like) volunteers to explained how this factory really worked (of course it's all in Polish, so I just enjoyed the chocolate and keep took pictures.
They do really serious having all these everything-made-of-chocolate like for an exhibition. So the smell of chocolate really filled the room.

When were finished, I definitely not hoping that they will gave us "souvenirs", well, they gave us a chocolate bars each, and free to choose the flavoured, and balloon for children... yippppyyyyyyy, this is what I called a visit to chocolate factory.
And I just wished I were there with more friends so we could take crazy pictures with their photo booth.

Payed off!

Almost 10 means I still have 1 place to worth visit.
Called a neighbour if she already in a queue in Belweder Palace, and yes the next 25 minutes I already in a another queue. This one felt like forever since today I've been standing for more than 6 hours and spending numerous clovers in Pokopang. And still to get in the palace I still eed another 2 hour-ish. Being the third last group to get in it around midnight (it is my long night at Warsaw!). Our tour leader even sounds exhausted. I don't know how many times did she repeat all of those words (90% of them are Polish words) that day.

This Belweder actually a residential, for the President of the Republic of Poland. But according our tour guide, President Duda, the present President isn't live in here.

So if you planned better and have all the information earlier... you probably may had chances to visits maximum 3 places (if you are that ambitious), or 2 places without getting really tired for standing in lines.
I'll have to make myself sure that I'm ready for the next year.

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