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The Mind Game

I could buy a book because its cover,
I like the whole a-band-music album by hearing the intro of one of their single,
I can make a drink to be one of my favorite because a sip of it,
I can decide I like a guy because the way he thinks,
I can really hate a person because I don't like one thing that he ever did to someone that I even don't know,
I won't eat food that I don't like, but I actually have never tasted it before,
I can do something just because I wanna do it, without any intention or purpose,

So whether I decide to do, to hate, to like, to buy and much more others to, it doesn't always because of  a make-sense reason and it doesn't have to take more times. I just do things that I think that's the best thing to do in that second.

Short, I know, but what the cerebrum do is not something that I know best. Sometimes I'm hoping something to be happened. And I overthink it, so when I wake up in a morning, feels that thing has happened, yesterday or in some other day in the past, not kind of dejavu. 'Is that real, or just my hallucination? Or I happened to think it's true just because I want it to be true?'

It's only 2 percent of my body weight, but IT choose what fits the best for that moment. The book's cover can be looked tempting NOW, cover that I've seen so many times. So why NOW, not yesterday, not when I first time saw it? Have I got more knowledge that gets me here and assume I like it NOW? I like that vanilla ice cream, but not this one. I want this, NOT that.

I want it that for tomorrow, not for now, now doesn't suit it.
I want that thing, but I want it in blue and in bigger size, 5 percent than its size now and I want it wider.
So actually, I don't want that thing because it's not what I want.


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  1. wakakakaka sooo yoouuuuuuu sist :p

    be simple be simple... biar mudah dipahami #eeeaaa

  2. eaaa bawaan alhir gimana yak?!?!?!