In Random


I'm trying to not doing that thing.
But most of the time, it's as hard as not breathing.
You can hold for a few seconds, then, no matter what, you did breathed at last...

It's relieving
After doing it, it feels lighter.
Not solved the problems, but it keeps me sober.

Then I read these sentences:
When life hits you hard, don't complain.
Cry out loud, curse, but don't complain.
You are not a victim.
(Paulo Coelho)

Now, it's a little bit hard for me to not comparing between complain and curse.
Admit it, when you curse, means you are complaining.

Crying out loud probably the best solution for now...
It's as relieving as...

So I'm trying, from now on, to not complaining.
But every time you see me crying, it doesn't mean I'm complaining.

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