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Noc Muzeów w Warszawie - Long Night of Museums in Warsaw

This is my first attempt to join this event after a complete failure last year (taunya setelah selesai).

So this annual event is inspired by the same event called Lange Nacht der Museen which took place for the first time at 1997 in Berlin.

Some museums in Warsaw have free admission in a particular day in a week (with some terms e.g in a specific hours on that day, on specific part of the museum, no guide tours, or with limited passess) like:
Just wonder why the Centrum Nauiki Kopernik have no free admission day. But maybe because it looks like it's the coolest museum in here (If you've seen the Fryderyk Chopin Museum and you said is cool, than you'll be curious how the Kopernik would look like) .
Those are just a few percents of the total museum in Warsaw, there are others that I can't mention (or even don't know if such a museum exist, it's too many).

So what makes this event attracts a lot of people every year?
Well, here's a hint:
in this event, it's not just the museum that open free for public until 1 or 2 am in the next day, but also certain places that aren't open for public in any other day.
So this is event probably is the only chance to get in those places.
This year there are (according to the guidebook).
Some start open at 6PM or 7PM until midnight or until 1AM or 2 AM in the next day.

You think you can visit as many of them as possible?

So, again, a reminder, this event atrracts so many people, even for Polish. So you'll get stuck in a long queues in almost every place. You may even end up queueing for about 2-3 hours or more at favourite places (I even heard there are some spending 5 hours!). So, advices: choose 2 or 3 places that you really want to visit and the most important thing is GET THE GUIDEBOOK (hardcopy or softcopy since they're provided the download-able version) ASAP!!!
And don't mind to buy the all-day ticket for transport (I use mine just once -_-!), the city provide exra buses with extra routes for, wait for it,
freeeeeee... (this year they have 9 additional routes, running from 6.30pm to 2am)

My mistake this year that I've planned to get the guidebook at the D-Day, since I already know where to go.
But I end up felt sorry for myself after queued for almost 3 hours.
So this year I've planned to visit the Wedel Chocolate Factory (see this kinda factory only open for public 3 times in a year, or that is the info that I get, all I know it's definitely open at this event).
The factory apparently gave free tickets via their Facebook page and their website. If I have the ticket, I'd only need less than 30 minutes before got in the factory.
And.... the factory was already open at 12 noon.... and I got there almost 5 in the afternoon. What is more devastating than knowing that.

So after long waiting, I can eat chocolate as much as I want... but I didn't... I have to remind myself as an adult to not compete strongly with other children when the factory allowed us to take chocolate as many as we can. So 2 bars of Pawełek and few of filled milk chocolate got into my pocket and I think I managed to eat few pieces of their filled chocolate bars before we were heading to the factory.


Wedel is the oldesst chocolate brand in Polish, started in 1851 by Karol Ernest Wedel, a Germany. The icon of the chocalte itself is actually Emil Wedel's signature,the son. This building is the second factory that the Wedel built in Warsaw. In WWII the factory only produced chocolate for Germany. Long short story, Cadburry owned the chocolate until 2010, it goes to LOTTE.

The famous product of Wedel (their flagship product that has been awarded many times for its taste) since 1936 even until now is Ptasie Mleczko, a Wedel chocolate that covers marshmallows. Up till now there are 8 varians and an addition 2 varians of Delcino only for this product.

Basically we didn't see the whole process because (IMO) each groups only have abput 30 minutes inside. But they do have (looks-like) volunteers to explained how this factory really worked (of course it's all in Polish, so I just enjoyed the chocolate and keep took pictures.
They do really serious having all these everything-made-of-chocolate like for an exhibition. So the smell of chocolate really filled the room.

When were finished, I definitely not hoping that they will gave us "souvenirs", well, they gave us a chocolate bars each, and free to choose the flavoured, and balloon for children... yippppyyyyyyy, this is what I called a visit to chocolate factory.
And I just wished I were there with more friends so we could take crazy pictures with their photo booth.

Payed off!

Almost 10 means I still have 1 place to worth visit.
Called a neighbour if she already in a queue in Belweder Palace, and yes the next 25 minutes I already in a another queue. This one felt like forever since today I've been standing for more than 6 hours and spending numerous clovers in Pokopang. And still to get in the palace I still eed another 2 hour-ish. Being the third last group to get in it around midnight (it is my long night at Warsaw!). Our tour leader even sounds exhausted. I don't know how many times did she repeat all of those words (90% of them are Polish words) that day.

This Belweder actually a residential, for the President of the Republic of Poland. But according our tour guide, President Duda, the present President isn't live in here.

So if you planned better and have all the information earlier... you probably may had chances to visits maximum 3 places (if you are that ambitious), or 2 places without getting really tired for standing in lines.
I'll have to make myself sure that I'm ready for the next year.

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In Random

The Minimalists

Jadi, beberapa hari yang lalu karena sudah kehabisan serial yang biasa di tonton, jadilah merandom mencari sesuatu yang bisa ditonton tapi yang tidak terlalu serius.
Lalu teringat, sempat baca di Twitter ada yang menilai kalau The Minimalists ini termasuk salah satu tontonan oke.
So basically, dokumenter ini menceritakan tentang orang-orang, yang menurut masyarakat, adalah orang yang termasuk dalam kategori sukses. But somehow they're not happy, they feel empty inside, then most of the time fill the emptiness by buying things, more and more and more.

Lalu orang-orang ini mempertanyakan ke diri sendiri sebenarnya sukses itu seperti apa?
Making more money?
Having more luxury things?
Own big house in a upscale residential area?
But then have having all those things, why it feels like there are something missing.

Lalu menurut dokumenter ini lagi, kebanyakan orang mengukur sukses itu memang dari materi, when they feel empty, they tend to buy things. But it won't takes time for them to feel it again, so they will buy more things.

*Lalu hening....
*Lalu melihat sekeliling yang tadinya semua barang pinjaman dari pemilik apartemen dan hari ini banyak printilan barang pribadi...
*Lalu flashback...

Waktu memutuskan beli bantal sebanyak ini memang karena suka aja... di kost-an dulu pun banyak bantal. Sebenarnya memang cuma butuh 2, 3 lah kalau ada tamu yang menginap. Hmm, sepertinya kalimat "kalau nanti butuh" ini yang selalu berujung akhirnya membeli barang-barang yang sebenarnya komplementari.

Kenapa harus punya televisi?
Kenapa harus punya sound dock?
Kenapa harus punya 2 handphone?
Sudah punya 2 handphone kenapa beli tab pula?

Kenapa kalau ke supermarket pasti beli makanan buat stok dan ujung-ujungnya ada saja yang kelupaan kalau sudah dibeli dan berakhir di tempat sampah karena keburu kadaluarsa?

Kenapa sering beli macam-macam kosmetik padahal tau kalau diri sendiri paling malas perawatan pakai krim ini pakai krim itu?

Kenapa selalu beli coklat dalam jumlah yang banyak padahal untuk konsumsi sendiri? dan masih punya coklat yang lain yang belum dihabiskan pula.

Kenapa merasa harus punya coat untuk 4 jenis musim dan masing-masing musim setidaknya harus punya 2 biar tidak kelihatan orang-orang kalau kita pakai coat-nya yang itu-itu lagi, itu-itu lagi? padahal sebenarnya 2 saja sudah cukup. Walaupun sebenarnya kemarin sempat berpikir pas winter sale berikutnya harus beli 1 coat lagi buat persiapan. *what the!?!?!?!?!?!?

Kenapa merasa harus punya banyak sepatu? harus punya boot untuk ke kantor, buat jalan-jalan di kota, buat kegiatan outdoor, buat ke acara semi formal, buat ke acara formal, dan itu baru satu jenis sepatu. Belum jenis lain, sneakers, 3 cm heels, 5 cm heels, flat shoes, sandals, running shoes. Belum lagi kalau mau mengkategorikan berdasarkan warna, biar matching dengan outfit.

Same thing goes for bags.
Same thing goes for clothes, but in a more complex categories.
Apa sebaiknya beli kindle buat bacaan elektronik daripada beli buku fisik? (But I love books!)
And I haven't mention for other printilan lain yang lagi terlihat di sekitar.
I do tend to buy barang-barang "lucu" yang judulnya buat menghias apartemen atau buat nanti kalau-kalau butuh.

Balik ke dokumenternya lagi...
Kenapa orang-orang jadi harus mempersulit diri buat mengambil pinjaman dari bank, buat beli rumah impian/apartemen dengan banyak ruangan. Padahal sebenarnya kalau seseorang lagi di rumah, persentase ruangan yang paling sering dijadikan tempat nongkrong adalah ruangan keluarga, kamar tidur, kamar mandi/toilet, dapur kalau rajin masak.
Dan beberapa dari mereka akhirnya melepaskan rumah/apartemen lalu beralih ke rumah yang lebih, lebih kecil... literally lebih kecil... lebih kecil dari 35 meter persegi ini.

Lalu melongo... kemarin aja agak-agak menyesal kenapa dapatnya 35 meter persegi... kan kalau nanti ada tamu langsung berasa jadi sempit (lagi-lagi kalimat "kalau nanti..."). Padahal dalam setahun ada berapa tamu sih yang datang... nah, iya sih. Trus tempat yang paling sering dijadikan tempat nongkrong sebenarnya cuma sofa di depan tivi... then why I thought that I need more spaces?

Terus dokumenter ini jadi agak-agak melipir ke masalah lingkungan... karena tingginya tingkat konsumsi manusia berdampak langsung dengan lingkungan.
Lalu teringat berita yang sempat terbaca mengenai semakin tingginya permukaan air laut di bumi, semakin menipisnya lapisan glasier di beberapa tempat di dunia, semakin panas bumi ini dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, semakin menipisnya sumber daya energi, semakin banyaknya limbah yang susah terurai...
Melirik ke kantongan plastik/kertas yang setiap belanja apapun pasti minta... lalu menyesal seharusnya tidak boleh lupa buat bawa kantong belanjaan sendiri setiap hari.

Akhirnya 2 hari terakhir ini, berujung dengan kegiatan beres-beres apartemen, merelakan beberapa barang untuk dibuang, merelakan beberapa pakaian untuk disumbangkan... tapi masih tidak rela buat melepaskan banyak barang dan sebagai pembenaran cuma bisa berpikir, barang-barang lain nanti saja direlakannya... setahun lagi.
Lalu berniat no more buying clothes, no more buying cosmetics to try, no more beli cemilan-cemilan, no more belanja yang tidak penting! (sebaiknya menunggu winter sale nanti #eh) and always put grocery bag in my bag, whether I plan to use it that day or not.

Less stuff... I try to...
*Trying to pursue myself that rather than buy those things, it will be better if we use it to buy flight tickets, because I read somewhere:

spend money on experience, not things
collect moments, not things
Oke ini termasuk pembelaan...

The Minimalists ini bukan tontonan yang tidak terlalu serius.

Picture use in this page is taken from

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In Belgium Brussel EU Europe

The Beautiful Aldstaat and... Chocolate?!

Extra weekend is always fun!

So this time, it's Belgium time...
be welcome
be .brussels

Booked the ticket a week before and have no itinerary...
Yes, saking galaunya :))

Anyway got in Brussels a little bit morning, so I have to strolling around the old town before the check-in time. Had booked Le Coup de Coeur Apartment Tête d'Or from as usual. I kinda like its looks because it's simple and... it just 1 minute walking to Grote Markt. Memutuskan untuk book tempat yang private because I'll spend more than 1 night here.

At 12 I went to their "receptionist" asking for my keys just to find out that the apartment won't be ready until 1.
Anyway is it just me or people in here is not very friendly? Berasa agak2 dicuekin sama mba-mba nya padahal yah dia-nya yang nggak ontime, pas agak komplain kenapa belum siap apt-nya, jawabnya santai bangetttt... *kemudian kesel.

I actually kinda tired having walking around the old town for couple hours, so then I decided to see the Manekin Piss first because it just a few minutes walks. It was a small manekin anyway... and there were A LOT of people taking pictures of that tiny manekin, and... this is unpredictable, the manekin was wearing an army uniform. Too bad I didn't take the picture of it because at the afternoon it changed its outfit into Changshan. I really wish I can took the picture of it without any outfit :))

Then after spending time around at Jardin du Mont des Arts Garden and at the Old England (slash Musical Museum Instruments), hey it's 1 already.
So I searched the apartment and got stranded in a front of Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, then I thought "oh mine is probably in 2nd floor".
So I just take a step into the 2nd floor before a girl yelled asked me for a ticket. So yeah, I got stray... just so I wouldn't feel shame... I bought the €14 ticket, luckily the chocolate samples which was a praline and the creamy hot chocolate was delicious.
So it happens the apartment is exactly next to the museum, 3rd floor, exhausting, but a comfy one.

Then story about fries.
Yes, fries, €3.2 fries.
I never notice that Belgian Fries are famous and... famous.
That noon I decided to have it for lunch, so I went to this Fritland which seems to be one of the famous Belgian fries seller according to Trip Advisor, and here goes the chat:
Me (M): *after waiting in queu* One French Fries please.
Mas-mas ganteng (G): No, we don't have French Fries here.
M: *melongo, jeda beberapa detik* No French Fries?????
G: No, we don't sell French Fries here *sambil senyum2*
M: *mulai kesel karena liat tumpukan kentang goreng di belakang mas-mas ganteng*
G: *mungkin karena saya kelamaan melongo akhirnya... * It's Belgium, not France.
M: *after a long pause... ahhhh... Belgium Fries, yes, one please.
G: *akhirnya ngambilin kentang goreng.

So you won't find any French Fries in Belgium, but I don't know what McDonalds there called it. This is my cone of Belgian Fries with samurai sauce (they said it's the spicy one, but then as usual nothing really spicy here).

This is my cone of Belgian Fries with samurai sauce, they said it's the spicy one, but then as usual, nothing really spicy here, (snap for the blur pic!) 
In Brussel, I took my first Oyster.
I never wanna taste this things.............
But a friend took us to this Chez Léon and he said this is one of the best in town.
So then I ordered about EUR18 Provençale. This one is with butter, tomatoes, garlic and cheese. The most make sense collaboration for me. If this I cannot managed to swallow this things, at least I still have the taste of tomatoes and cheese....
My friend ordered Gratin, it's with butter, nutmeg, and cheese.
Too cut the long story short, I finished it all by myself... I even took 2 of my friend's Gratin. I just need a lot of lemons.

So the first day me and a friend spending the whole day at Aldstaat. The next day we decided to have one-day trip to Bruges (after debating a whole night whether to choose Antwerp, Ghent or... we even considered for Luxembourg).

Approximately an hour away with train from Brussels, when we step up at the old town, we knew that we chose the right town.
It's a canal town (what a my-term *eyes rolled). It's like we ended up at a fairy tale city. We didn't entered any museums, but we did try the boat trips (it's a must!).
It's a romantic old town even there were a lot of tourists, we still be able to enjoy our whole-day-walking (literally walking the whole day).
Even you aren't a selfie/wefie-holic, you will take a lot of pictures in here.

Strolling around really made us hungry (we just stopped by to eat some fries during the day), so when the day started to get dark, we decided to have a hot chocolate at, well actually I already set my eyes in this place the minute I saw it.

It's called The Old Chocolate House.
The first floor is store selling of course any kind of chocolate (pralines, chocolate milk, chocolate bars) and biscuits, gingerbreads, and marzipan.
The second floor is what they called the tearoom, besides hot chocolate they also have tea, infusion, and coffee. For the menu you can check in here.

I ordered dark-salted hot chocolate with caramel while my friend ordered the classic one. We also ordered assortment of homemade delicacies (it's a lot, it's delicious, it's... we just couldn't eat them all, full-stomach-alert) since I can't order the tiramisu (this guy told us that it contain alcohol so we probably can't consume it, and thank you very much to him for letting us know about it *a-happy-customer-detected).

The next day we still have a little extra time a Brussels, so we bought ticket to see Mini Europe. Sadly it was closed, but we did still have the Atomium.
The rest of day before flight, I spent time in Aldstaat for the ultimate goal in here, chocolate shopping. Wondering from one store to another, Godiva, Neuhaus, Galler, Leonidas, etc.
Yes, I took them all with me back to Warsaw *evilgrin.

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In Stockholm Sweden travel

Hej Hej Stockholm!

This time self-hop-on weekend-getaway:

First thing to notice in here: people don't really care about you.
So please, be free to do anything!

Dilema datang di negara dengan 4 musim itu adalah selalu berfikir akan tampak seperti apa kota ini ketika summer, autumn, winter dan spring.
Kalau penasaran kan berarti harus mengunjungi suatu tempat di semua musim. Even though there's always suggestion about when is the best time to visit (masalah penting).

Well, I have a lot of to tell.

Landed almost midnite at Arlanda (maafkan mba Ai yang jadinya menjemput malam-malam), just need to find like a big information/reception desk, ask for Pendeltåg's ticket to town, it costed me about 105 SEK for one way ticket (because she was asked me whether I want a return ticket, so ask the price if you want to use it back to the airport).
There's not much to do in midnite when you just had a normal working day (read: drama) plus an almost-two-hrs-flight.

There are train from airport to town beside SL commuter trains, the Arlanda Express. I was intend to use this. Quite expensive but it's 20 minutes faster than the Pendeltåg. It's about 280 SEK one way and 540 SEK for return journey. But they give you 45% discount if you booked 3 months earlier, online.

Or by bus called Flygbussarna, I used this to the airport. The cheaper the fare the longer the journey it will, almost an hour, cost 99 SEK for one way, 198 SEK for return journey, and that is the online price. I saw one buy the ticket from the driver and it cost about 105 SEK.
So buy tickets in advance and online because most of them are valid for 3 months!

For daily use of transportation, the SL, buy travel card, I bought mine in Pressbyrån cost 20 SEK, a Sweden-Sevel kinda thing. But it's easy to get it in every metro. Buy 115 SEK credit for one day use. But off course they also have a single 75 or 120 minutes ticket.

March in Stockholm, we still can see what we winter had done to this city.
The lake in the front of the Drotningholm Palace is half frozen but it's not safe to walk on it anymore.
The Drotningholm Palace

Getting in this Palace a little bit remain me of Versailles. Karena khawatir akan capek mengitari taman kerajaan yang tampaknya luas, kita kemudian memutuskan untuk jalan seadanya, toh pohon-pohonnya masih gersang dan karena masih pagi juga jadi memutuskan pula tidak masuk ke istana.

Kalau dari peta sudah kelihatan banget Stockholm itu tampaknya terdiri dari banyak pulau-pulau kecil, so it must be a beautiful city, jadilah diajak ke daerah sekitaran Laduårdslandsviken. Dari sini sudah terlihat Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace), Riksdag (Parliament House), Stadshuset (City Hall), dan semua-semua yang ada di sekitaran Gamla Stan XD.

Yang harus dikunjungi adalah Skeppsholmbron. I guess it would be wow... tapi ternyata, kita jalan menyeberangi jembatan and voila, there is the crowns. It isn't as shiny as I thought, tapi kalau di foto memang bagusan sih, jadi ini salah satu objek yang fotogenik, ehm both of the crowns are photogenic.
The Gold Crowns on Skeppsholmen Bridge

Then get ready for Gamla Stan, kota tua Stoki, yang setiap sudutnya adalah objek wisata, name it, Kungliga Slottet, Storkyrkan, The Nobel Museum, Riddarholmen, bahkan lorong jalanan seperti Slottsbacken pun masuk dalam daftar. Jalanan di Gamla kecil-kecil, bahkan ada lorong jalanan yang tersempit di Stoki, called Mårten Trotzigs Gränd yang lebarnya cuma 90 cm (ya kalau selebar ini namanya lorong kan :D ). It's worth to strolling around in here, kalau capek tinggal cari tempat makan, kalau lewat jalan yang penuh dengan toko, siap-siaplah tergoda dengan barang-barangnya.

Di salah satu jalan di Gamla, Västerlånggatan, kiri kanannya penuh godaan, mulai dari coklat, barang-barang lucu nggak penting tapi lucu tapi mahal, kita bahkan sempat masuk ke Science Fiction Bokhandeln yang isinya juga nggak penting tapi pengen tapi lumayan harganya.
Menemukan toko di Eropa yang isinya penuh dengan manga plus action figure-nya, komik-komik dari negara lain, board games, video games, etc bisa membuat mata berbinar-binar (lalu mulai hiperbola). Lalu berasa kalau mau Totoro nggak perlu ke Jepang, sekarang juga bisa beli (hadeuh!). Untungnya Makkuro kurosuke tidak dijual disni dan saya keluar tanpa membawa kantong belanjaan XD.

Di Gamla yang sering jadi objek foto (malah jadi cover salah satu book guide) adalah bangunan ini:
Schantzska Huset in Stortorget

Terletak di Stortorget, tetanggan dengan Nobel Museum. Di lantai dasar kedua bangunan ini ada kafe, di bangunan berwarna coklat muda kuning ada Chokladkoppen, di bangunan berwarna coklat tua merah ada Kaffekoppen. Keduanya menyediakan menu hot chocolate, which are our favourites, jadi harus dicoba!

Kita memilih Kaffekoppen karena satu dan lain hal (tiba-tiba sok misterius) yang kalau googling kalah terkenal dengan tetangganya, but anyway, menurut mba ai hot choco Kaffekoppen lebih enak dan memang enaakkkkk... (jadi ingat hot chocolate di Bruges).

Jalan kaki dari Gamla Stan tiba-tiba kita sudah menyeberang pulau lagi, buat dikenalkan makan siang enak di daerah Hötorgshallen yang tempatnya, ramai!
Kajsas' Fisk soup (what I like from maritime countries is they are heaven for seafood).

Lalu berlakulah kalimat don't judge the book by it's cover karena penampakan makanannya memang butek tapi percayalah ini enak!
I don't really into mussels (I thought so, but then I ate them when I was in Brussel, so why not try it again in here) tapi akhirnya kita memesan sup edisi lengkap (roti dan salad termasuk), with additional spoonfuls of cooked shrimp, my favourites! Isi sup ini semua yang ada di laut ditambah harissa (semacam chili pasta, tapi buat lidah Asia tentu tidak pedas) dan aioli (semacam mayo). Mungkin karena aioli ini kesan butek itu muncul, so don't mind it, langsung diaduk saja langsung masukan ke mulut, dinyamin kenyang karena porsinya lumayan besar.

Hap hap!
Have you ever heard Stockholm Syndrome? No? Me neither, but apparently it's an interesting story and this building is the witness. Jan-Erik Olsson even wrote it as an autobiography titled that psychological phenomenon thingy.

As I know, and that's why I amazed by this country, Stoki adalah gudangnya barang-barang sederhana tapi tentu saja mahal untuk ukuran saya. IKEA di stoki sih hitungannya murah... tapi disini toko sejenis IKEA buanyak... peer banget... kan jadi lapar mata XD
Segala bantal, kursi, meja, home appliance, semua mau dibawa pulang....
Ke Stoki ini bukannya mengunjungi museum yang banyak banget malah ke mall ^_^!
(lalu salahkan tour guide-nya :p)

Oh ya, Stockholm also famous for its metro  or T-Bana.
Haven't saw all of them but if you have limited time, explore the blue line.

I also fall in love with Stoki's bibilioteket (well every place with a lots of books s interesting and this one with style).

Lalu teman kita mengajak ke Sigtuna, yang ternyata kota tuanya sepi... pada tutup tapi...
My first experience standing on a freezing lake (it's a lake, isn't it?!?!?), Garnsviken.
Yang awalnya takut mencoba, takut tiba es-nya retak, lalu melihat ada yang lagi main ski...
Lalu coba jalan agak jauhan ke tengah, lalu akhirnya berhasil foto-foto norak.

Ah panjang yah... padahal masih banyak yang belum dikunjungi.
Will I go back? Hope so... museums are still waiting and the others and the others...
*finger crossed

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