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After 5

Have been here for about 5 months.
When I got up on the plane 5 months ago... I was excited.
Well, I actually had trained myself to be as excited as I could or my 16-18 hrs flight would be so miserable.

The 3 first week was like... mmm
Could that people stop asking me whether I like being here or not?
Cause they said "Oh you will be. It's quite here, the city is clean, the transportation is great, it's cheaper than any country near it" and so on and so on.

People was saying nice stuffs about being here, but I haven't see anything near. It's like they said A but I got L.

One said to me to write about living here, you know, for killing time.

Yup, I really need something to killing the time.

Two things for sure that I like being in here, I'm free hopping from another city to another city..., outside this country and yes, money can't buy everything, even though it can buy Gundam and et cetera that close to few hours distraction from unpleasant feeling each time I start touching it.

I made a promise to myself, posts after this would be about how great my time in Europe, I hope it helps me to kill the time.

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  1. Well, frankly speaking, I think you're lucky than Me (I might be jealous :) ). You have a rare and wonderful experience that not everybody had. On the other side, you still have enough time to write it down to this blog. What about me? Through my daily activities, I have to sacrifice My sleeping time to keep my blog always updated. :'(
    But anyway I still enjoy it. At least, when I have a lot of things to do, it means I have so many stock of story to share. Ganbatte kudasai!!!

    1. Iya mas tatang... (>.<) mungkin karena blm nemu sesuatu buat ngebetah2in diri jadi berasa miserable...
      As I promise, there won't be no more posts like this for the next 2.5 years :D

      Terima kasihh sudah berkunjung *\(^o^)/*