In Random

Random Thoughts, Random Feelings.

I'm all about questions.

Each question resulting its own feeling(s).
Some are rhetorical, some are curiosity, some are just questions.

I'm a question since I don't get what others imply.
Exist as a result of lack of understanding, lack of knowledge.
Occur because of dissatisfaction.

and no answers provided to stop them flow.
There will always a deniable to confront it.
Another questions then created.
Build a massive big dark hole in every inch of the brain.

A mix feelings then appear.
Bewilderment, anger.
Serenity, nonchalance.
Something like financial graph from unhealthy economic condition.
From the bottom rise to the top, then crash down.
Crawling from below, and not waiting to reach to the top, crash again

Like there's no end...
There's no light at the end of the tunnel.
"Maybe I should wait."
"For how long?"
"You need to be patient."
"To see what these will become."
"For what?"
"Hope not for another bigger and darker hole."

I really need to believe that there's something worth after all of these.

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  1. It's so hard to be patient.
    But what else can we do?
    Just do the best, hoping for the best, and let God do the rest :)
    *sok wise mode on* :D

    1. tapi kadang berasa capeeekkkkkkk pakai bangettttttttt mba -_-
      I don't understand them.
      but hey lets be wise then :)