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Can't Hardly Wait (Literally)

Have something worth to wait for tomorrow and the day after it and the day after it and the day after it!

Shit happens, yes Ladies and Gentleman, it's real.
It's like mood swing, life will completely bland without it.

So I have a messy life lately, wake up late every morning, hoping daylight shorter than night time, wishing weekend come sooner on Monday and so on and so on.
Then starting to think, what is the word 'tomorrow' imply? Hope? Treasure? Surprise?!?!

So instead dreaming everyday is a holiday, I start to create this slightly creative thought.
Have something that you can't hardly wait for the next day. Kinda hard to create a thing, right?
Well, actually, nope.

Starting with I have to finish my job tomorrow. Naaahhhhhh...
So what I've thought for the last few days...

Make a schedule for watching my serials.
Remind me of my childhood when I can only watched telenovela every Wednesday afternoon. Always waiting Wednesday afternoon for that.

Cleaning up my room!
I don't wait weekend for this. Just when it looks messy before bedtime, then I'll need to fix it the next day... or two.

Find something looks good to wear for the next two days.
A small mix and match project just for fun.

Look out for the calendar, mark the date.
Arrange birthday thingy for friends.
Admit it! You love surprise. I do, I think we all do. Even just a "happy birthday there" sent through Whatsapp, Line, SMS, iMessage or any apps that on the list under Social Networking category.

Find the best time to buy something.
Search a book title at Goodreads then decide when to buy it.
Open Skyscanner every Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning, digging for cheap fares.
Even when I ran out of ideas, somehow I manage to order something online and make them deliver it on a specific time. Well, I ordered biscuits a couple days ago and asked them to bring that looks-delicious-snacks on Monday. I love Monday then.

Now, we're back as a planner (but spontaneous things will never fail me)
I still have a lot of things that are worth to wait for umm 4 months ahead *LOL
Okay, this life is getting more excited.

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