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A Card With My Name On It

Credit card?!?!?!

Ever intend to have one, but that was "years" ago...
Since I know, that I could buy anything with it but still have to pay it at the end, na-a, I throw that thought away from my mind hihihihi

Well actually I could have one, but the problem is, me, myself, is not quite sure about how responsible I could to that card...

So... I decided to not have one... ever
Except if someday I could earn 10 million per month :D

Well... what do you know, there are things that I need to buy, and can get it easier, faster, cheaper, if only I have a credit card. And I can get those things only if I am the owner of that card...

Ugh... can I just use my dad's or my sister's card??? Plz..... T.T
No???... Hufff

I think I'm going to reconsider about having ONE credit card...

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